Chloe Origami | Unfolding Ideas to Fold Paper


Chloé Origami: Unfolding Ideas to Fold Paper

Do you remember all those times folding paper airplanes with friends as a kid? Here we take it up a notch! I had the pleasure of interviewing talented Portuguese origami designer Inês Lima, better known by her brand name Chloé Origami, here on Fashion Shift Magazine! 🐘🐘

Check out the interview and article I wrote, “Unfolding ideas to fold paper” (p31), in the Full Bloom issue – out now!…/…/full_bloom_digital_2017_


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Origami: Love at First Sight

Creativity expresses itself in many diverse forms. Do you remember all those times folding paper aeroplanes with friends as a kid? Or playing the ‘fortune teller’ game? The ancient craft of Origami (‘folding paper’) emerged in Japan, but has continued to evolve and be reinvented with advancing technologies around the world. Though its technique and symbolism may vary across space and time, what prevails is its creative potential to transform and reshape ideas through art and science intertwined. Fashion Shift had the pleasure of interviewing Portuguese origami designer Inês Lima, better known by her brand name Chloé Origami. Her brand emerged from her love of creating personalised gifts, and she her belief shares that “When I create a gift I not only make a piece that’s unique, but I also offer a part of me.” Constantly seeking new challenges through art, she had the unexpected pleasure years ago of experimenting with the art of Origami, and in her own words “Foi amor à primeira vista!” (It was love at first sight!). Through her experiences, she helps us understand the language of folding, capturing the imagination of the origami philosophy and its multi-faceted forms.

Overcoming Obstacles: Persistence 

Certain models can be challenging to learn, but Lima affirms that “it is nothing that persistence can’t fix!” The length of time to make a model usually depends on the level of difficulty – it could take 5 minutes … or 1 hour! The biggest obstacle lies in understanding the schema of the more complex models. When it comes down to basics, its allure is that anyone can try it, anytime, with just a piece of paper. And for those who truly master the geometrical complexity of the skill, the paper becomes intricately transformed, telling shifting stories between its layered folds. This practice can also boost patience, memory, and mindfulness. Origami goes beyond craftsmanship – it is good you.

Resources: Paper… all kinds of paper!

When asked what types of paper she prefers to use, Lima exclaimed “Todos os papéis!! (All the papers!!), jokingly adding that she finally has an “excuse” to bring home endless amounts! With time she has gained more practice and it has become increasingly easier to “control” the paper and understand which textures are the most suitable. Beyond mastering the technique, the choice of paper makes all the difference. Lima is full of new ideas for Chloé Origami that are ready to be put into practice, including trying some less likely materials.

Inspirations: Occasions, People & Elephants!  

Inspiration comes in various sources. For Lima, it could be a festive occasion, like Christmas, or a personalised frame for a child’s room, or the intricate combination of colours and textures between the diverse materials. She also draws inspiration from the artists Leyla Torres, Michael LaFosse (with his beautiful butterflies), and Falk Brito, amongst others. Her favourite creation is the elephant, which ended up defining the brand image of Chloé Origami, to which she adds “Ever since I folded this model I have completely fallen in love with elephants!

Origami Advice: Never give up!   

Chloé Origami’s motto is ‘Unfolding ideas to fold paper’. In the end, her Origami represents passion and effort, paying attention to every little detail. At times, Lima even finds it hard to detach herself and to let go of some of her art pieces. Her message to other artists interested in this craft: “Artists will discover that from a simple piece of paper it is possible to create incredible things! It is a constant challenge. And never give up! It is an art that requires patience.”

A big thanks from the F*Shift team.


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