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Photography: @eslopez

Chloe Origami | Unfolding Ideas to Fold Paper


Chloé Origami: Unfolding Ideas to Fold Paper

Do you remember all those times folding paper airplanes with friends as a kid? Here we take it up a notch! I had the pleasure of interviewing talented Portuguese origami designer Inês Lima, better known by her brand name Chloé Origami, here on Fashion Shift Magazine! 🐘🐘

Check out the interview and article I wrote, “Unfolding ideas to fold paper” (p31), in the Full Bloom issue – out now!…/…/full_bloom_digital_2017_


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You can also read my full article on origami below: Continue reading Chloe Origami | Unfolding Ideas to Fold Paper

Mother Language Day

Mother Language Day


Languages connect us. I’m grateful to have grown up multilingual and multicultural. It took me a while to fully embrace the importance of this when I was younger, but now I proudly celebrate being different. I’m proud of my Portuguese, English, Spanish, Egyptian, and Scottish influences and heritage. I may not have one place to call home, but calling the world my home is a great thing too!  Happy #MotherLanguageDay!

Chocolate & Art Show

Chocolate & Art Show

Cool creative vibes at the ‘Chocolate and Art Show‘ that I recently attended! 😊✌ Live music, artwork, and chocolate fondue…all for a good cause! Proceedings went to Artist for Trauma charity.

‘From Shipwrecks to Ice Caves: stories from an underwater archaeologist’

Exciting news! I was honoured to be asked to write an article  for Fashion Shift Magazine about being an underwater archaeologist and fashion model – out now!

Check it out here, I hope you enjoy the story! 🙂
‘From Shipwrecks to Ice Caves: stories from an underwater archaeologist’ (p68-71)…/…/f_shift_magazine_winter_2016

Thanks to those who helped with creative editing and images! And a big thank you to F*Shift for the opportunity!