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Mother Language Day

Mother Language Day


Languages connect us. I’m grateful to have grown up multilingual and multicultural. It took me a while to fully embrace the importance of this when I was younger, but now I proudly celebrate being different. I’m proud of my Portuguese, English, Spanish, Egyptian, and Scottish influences and heritage. I may not have one place to call home, but calling the world my home is a great thing too!  Happy #MotherLanguageDay!


Past Preservers

Past Preservers:
‘Expert of the Week’

Thank you Past Preservers, I was thrilled to recently be featured as your ‘Expert of the Week’! 😊 For those interested or curious, check out my profile on the expert database and get in touch for any archaeological media & documentary projects! http://www.pastpreservers.com/our-experts


Photography credits: (left, London) @brianrolfephoto | (centre, Peru) @eslopez128 | (right, Iceland) @laivo

Discovering the Atacama Desert!

ATACAMA  DESERT! A dry and barren lunar-like geology surrounded me. Silence filled the air. I felt as though I had somehow stepped foot on another planet. It was otherworldly. In the heart of Northern Chile’s Atacama Desert, Valley de la Luna’s jagged land is one of the the driest places in the world, shaped by the Atacama Desert colliding with the Andes mountains, pushing salt lakes below surface, leaving salt flats in view. Despite these arid conditions, the Atacama Desert holds diverse landscapes painted with soaring volcanic and Andean mountain backdrops, contrasted by vast salt flats, fiery rocks and flamingo-filled lagoons with beautiful symmetries in their waters. The towering summit of the Volcano Licancabur formed the natural border between Chile and Bolivia. Rock-formed ‘Monks’ and ‘Cathedrals’ shaped by volcanic eruptions and winds watch over the sweeping sand dunes, commonly compared to the ‘Moais’ of Easter Island. Spouting geysers and thermal springs lurk at higher altitudes. Local villages are filled with artisan crafts and designs, surrounded by wandering llamas and vicuñas. This enchanting canvas is transformed with the settings of the sun and the revealing of the immense starry skies and milkyway that leave lasting imprints on your memory.

[excerpt from my ‘Snippets of a Nomadic Year: From South America to the Balkans‘ article published in F*Shift Magazine‘s Explorer issue, Oct 2016, pp. 40-41]

Just got back from an incredible trip exploring the surreal Atacama Desert in northern Chile! If you’re an adventure-seeker, nature-lover, photographer, archaeologist or explorer… Atacama is for you!

Here are a few snaps from the adventure:

Valle de la Luna

Lagunas AltiplĂĄnicas, Piedras Rojas y Laguna Chaxa

Star-gazing and the Milky-way (with Space Observatory)

Atacama’s starry sky and milky-way. Photography: Steven Lopez

Rock cathedrals and Monjes (Monks) de la Panaca in Salar de Tara

Geysers de Tatio y Thermal Springs

Laguna Cejar, Ojos del Salar and Laguna Tebinquinche

Fun shots with amazing people:

For a detailed low-down on how to plan your trip with tips on what to watch out for and things to not miss out, check out: Oh Snap! Adventures blog post!

And make sure you add Atacama Desert to your bucket list!!!