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Rio Carnaval!

RIO CARNAVAL! While living in Chile, my dream to visit Brazil felt within closer reach. So I thought, why not escape there one weekend during their biggest, most famous festival? The Rio Carnaval! Being raised in Portugal definitely came in handy and knowing people there meant experiencing the beautiful madness through the eyes of the locals. Vibrant colourful parades flocked the streets in the form of party blocks, blocos, with the most extravagant and imaginative costumes you could imagine! Loud, rhythmic samba beats resonated throughout the whole city, as did the people’s energy. A view of and from the Christ the Redeemer was a must, as were strolls sipping on coconut water along the shores of Copacabana and Ipanema. A delicious feijoada feast gathering hosted by friends’ families in their home was a highlight, with singing and dancing breaking out in that heartfelt, candid manner that seems to come so naturally to Brazilians.

[excerpt from my ‘Snippets of a Nomadic Year: From South America to the Balkans‘ article published in F*Shift Magazine‘s Explorer issue, Oct 2016, pp. 40-41]